In August 2017 we began hiking with U3A from False Bay in Cape Town.

On the Jumping Board at Kasteelspoort above Camps Bay
On the Jumping Board at Kasteelspoort
above Camps Bay

The Ungardener with Cape Mountains for the Curious and Adventurous.
And I on Fynbos Rambles naming and photographing wildflowers.

Bartholina  spider orchid  October 2017
spider orchid
October 2017 

Serruria hirsuta and Xiphotheca fruticosa (in 2021) 
December hikes from blue to grey and back again (in 2020) 
Summer hikes in our mountains (in 2019 with his from January and February 2020)
Impossible thing (blue buttons) (in 2018)
Cape snow and a Swiss mountain goat (in 2017)
Kanonkop shipwrecks and summer flowers (in 2017)

Elephant seal and ocean plastic (in 2019)

(January and February our botanical ramble takes a break from the summer heat)

Almost 5 thousand species with City Nature Challenge (in 2021)
The Joker, caves and flowers (in 2019)
Hiking Three Sisters and Smitswinkel (in 2018)
Sirkelsvlei has water again (in 2018)

Found some new specials (in 2021) in our Third Wave
From May Day to Audouinia (in 2019)
May mountain flowers and the Noon Gun (in 2018)

Silvermine and Cape Point before even MORE interesting times (in 2021)  
Slangkop Lighthouse and Table Mountain views (in 2019)
Jumping Board to Elephant's Eye (in 2018)

Cape Point and Silvermine Crags (in 2021)
My first lockdown hike (in 2020)
His first lockdown hike (in 2020)
Enjoying winter rain and flowers in July (in 2019)
Chapman's Peak to Elsie's Peak (in 2018)

Pictures by Diana and Jürg Studer
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