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Our False Bay garden in July

  by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   In July we had weather building up from Antarctica and South America, across the South Atlantic Ocean. After 6 years here, the Ungardener climbed up into the attic and installed green insulation over our livingroom. Now our woodstove can heat us efficiently. His photo, a different view from up a ladder of our solar geyser, photovoltaic panels and rain tank in a green garden.   Our green house From my sister a bunch of flowers for my birthday. Serruria with Erica, and tiny white Phylica which still offers a delicious waft of honey each time I pass.   Birthday Serruria Zöe and the Ungardener like to soak up the winter sun.   Zöe in winter sun Thomas and I prefer pale and interesting.   Thomas in shade Come Through the Garden Gate with Sarah Down by the Sea in Dorset . Pictures of English formal gardens with grim dark hedges scattered with bright orange climbing nasturtium ... have fo

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