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Six years in this garden

  by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   After two years our garden displayed bones planned and built by the Ungardener. My shrubs and trees showed what they are made of. Step Through the Garden Gate with Sarah Down By the Sea in Dorset   Karoo Koppie Out front on Karoo Koppie, the aloes I planted are hip high with fierce pokes if I get too close. Willowy olive sapling would shield our bay window, without the tapestry hedge on the verge.   Summer Gold and Spring Promise Graceful offset path from Summer Gold to Spring Promise is getting blurred.   Woodland Walk and Froggy Pond Winding past Froggy Pond (frog IS still behind the dwarf papyrus). Birds roost in our carob overnight, he trimmed another slice. Next door's palm was small in 2017, our lemon happier pre-drought.   Cornish Stripe and Washing Pergola Edible banana at this end, is coming up fresh. Tallest section of distant Strelitzia nicolai is on the cutting back li

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