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Elephants and friends at Kruger Park

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
We headed all the way up North to see his animals at Kruger Park in September this year. (To be honest, sitting at a waterhole, waiting, for animals - is not my choice). Burchell's zebra mother and foal were very skittish as she taught him - look right and left then right again, make sure the traffic has obediently come to a complete halt, listen out for speeding idiots! (Sad baby giraffe incident)

Happy electric car waited silently (but ready to move at once if needed). We watched a herd of elephants among trees ... then crossing ... the road ... last mother and calf waited till she was ab-so-lutely sure.

Waterbuck with white ringed rump. Neither a wildebeest nor a hartebeest, tsessebe are found in Northern savannah woodlands. Donkey lady is a female kudu. Striped white ladies are nyala. Impala (lion food) with a vervet monkey. Leaf ears - steenbok.

Male nyala, took one wary look at us and fled!

When you see ca…

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