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April in our False Bay Garden and a fresh blog

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Two years ago the builders left us with a renovated house, and a garden which was bare sand at the front and along the three garden sides of the house.
Two years in which the winter rains failed and our dams are emptying fast. We have 110 day of water left. We may no longer use tap water outside (garden, pool, hosing paving, car washing) Yesterday we had thundershowers and a grateful five millimetres, with more promised for Sunday. Our water use has gone from 16 kilolitres in January like there's no tomorrow. To 12 Kl in February we began to think about our water usage. To 9 Kl in March we tried harder. To 7 Kl in April we fight down to 100 litres per person per day. And below that for May!

Winding down the west, afternoon sun side of the house, the inherited green boundary has the echo which I planted.

The nearer half is Summer Gold, with yellow flowers. Senecio creeper lives on the kitchen trellis. Mandela'…

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