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False Bay garden in June

  by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   The spekboom is taller that the giraffe. When I planted the cutting in March 2018 the giraffe was the tall looking down his nose one.   Giraffe watching the spekboom grow Still on a mission to prune and tidy the neglected plants after the wall was raised. Took a substantial chunk off the Searsia crenata behind the lemon tree. When it has recovered, will take off the next tall slice. Also making space for Indigofera jucunda against the wall (somewhat battered when the ivy 'wall' was towed away!)   Rescuing the lemon tree and Indigofera What has stripped all the leaves off the Senecio tamoides which was meant to screen a rain tank? From iNaturalist tiger moth caterpillars .   Tiger moth caterpillars In the tapestry hedge gap Halleria lucida, planted 2 years ago, has achieved hedge height. Maurocenia frangula with shiny cherry red new leaves is filling in slowly. Each end of t

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