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Clivia and Gerbera at home

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Walter Sisulu and Lowveld National Botanical Gardens last September
We bookended our September trip to Kruger with plants and three National Botanical Gardens for me. Next time I know to allow a full day at Walter Sisulu NBG at Roodepoort in Johannesburg (we enjoyed our shady lunch in the heart of the garden). Would like to have hiked the wider circuit beyond the irrigated green, but it was HOT! September was chosen to see animals at Kruger National Park, but the plants were gasping for summer rain in their drought.
This is where Clivia miniata comes from. Dappled shade in forests from subtropical Kwazulu-Natal to high altitude Swaziland. Well drained, rich soil.

Tambuki thorn. Shrub from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. Erythrina acanthocarpa

This garden is famous for the pair of Verreaux’s Eagles which nest near the waterfall. In the heart of a large city, the old and new partners and the chicks are closely monito…

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