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January and our False Bay garden

  by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   Come with me Through the Garden Gate Down by the Sea in Dorset with Sarah . We always have compost volunteer tomatoes. Cherry tomato elbows aside my South Africa rose in her pot. Baby Roma is at our compost heap.   Sun ripened compost volunteer tomato Zöe sunning with the giraffe. Late afternoon, early evening, the cats roar around. She streaks down the garden, up the passage, a blur of is it a bird or a plane or an arrow shot from a bow, or a cheetah?? An almighty cratch thunk and the wooden giraffe hit our reverberating laminate floor. His ears flew off in opposite directions, but we found them to glue on, again.   Zöe sunning with giraffe The Ungardener has a new rug for his TV chair. Couldn't catch Thomas to pose but it matches his colours. After 8 years we are working thru niggles - grab rail in the shower, another shelf in my bathroom, and a new kitchen tap which flows instead of d

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