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False Bay garden and water in October

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Step Through the Garden Gate with Sarah in Dorset. Wrestling to get my camera to see what I see. This corner of the garden, which we see when we step out of the kitchen or the garage, is currently the best bit. Lemon tree is getting dedicated extra grey water and making more fruit. Blue and white flowers for Cornish Stripe are Strelitzia nicolai, white pelargonium, deep blue Plectranthus neochilus and lavender, kingfisher blue Felicia, a scattering of selfsown pansies, buds on Limonium perezii.

I have retrieved the Summer Gold Spring Promise zigzag that the camera no longer saw. Cut back the Salvia africana-lutea by half, as it had eaten a large pot of Hypoxis. Cleared grass on both sides. Replanted cuttings of Dusty Miller.

Tucked in two shady corners across Froggy Pond is Psychotria capensis. Lemoenbos, not for fruit but the gentle colour of the flowers.

Under our bedroom window I have 3 clumps of Eragrostis curv…

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