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Books and berg wind

  by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   Hot berg wind today ahead of rain promised for Tuesday.   Winter sun, happy cat Michael ROBOTHAM The secrets she keeps - the life she wanted wasn't hers ... ~ Only this stays with me. I wonder if it is true, or simply a comfort to adults? ~ Neither of them has mentioned Baby Ben since yesterday. I don't think they are unmoved, or uncaring. That's the difference between children and adults - children don't put as much energy into being sad.   Kate in the sand I asked my mother who wrote that,  and she looked shy, and said Monty Dominic SMITH The last painting of Sara de Vos ~ A little bit, girl with the pearl earring, but this time it is the artist's story, not the model's. ~ The courtship rituals of the young men ... the way they used to ... write [their beloved's name] in the sand of the riverbank with a stick. ~ The painter sees the world a

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