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December in our False Bay garden

  by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   December was a dry summer month. 6 mm of rain (sounds better than only a quarter of an inch) But as our second wave lockdown bites we appreciate that our garden is green on all sides for COVID laps and a soothing view. Looking down Summer Gold.   Summer Gold   Winding along Woodland Walk for Through the Garden Gate with Sarah Down By the Sea in Dorset   Woodland Walk   Christmas means Agapanthus . I have only one flower - soft grey blue - Storms River. For Gail at Clay and Limestone and her Wildflower Wednesday   Agapanthus Storms River blue grey    I don't want the Tapestry Hedge on the verge to be a chiselled green box (companion to roll on Astroturf). I trimmed back the octopus legs across the pavement, and thinned some of the bulk, reduced the height by careful feathering. Then set the Ungardener, with his ladder and longer reach to wrestle with what foiled me.   Tapest

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November in our False Bay garden

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