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March hikes - Elsie's Peak, Slangkop and Trappieskop

  by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   Hiking among wildflowers in the mountains around Cape Town   My March with Fynbos Ramblers began on Elsie's Peak, where we found two special Erica , sticky E. viscaria and E. pulchella with more flowers in pink. Also two familiar ones, purple tipped E. corifolia and furry red E. cerinthoides .   Ericas on Elsie's Peak in March On my wish list Syncarpha gnaphaloides - grey leaves, cherry red and gold flowers , goes to seed in bronze glory! Walked across to a seedy companion in burgundy and lime gold Thesium viridifolium . Asparagus lignosus has white bark. In blues Lobelia comosa and Roella ciliata with the Easter Bunny waiting on a cairn where the path divides. j   March flowers on Elsie's Peak From there we look back across False Bay with the sea in dark and light blue bands.   Looking over False Bay from Elsie's Peak On Slangkop we found very few Brunsvig

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