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From the Sentinel to Redhill

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
In August the Ungardener scrambled up Steenberg Buttress to Lower Steenberg Peak all the way up 504 metres from sea level. Tuesday rain dancers kindly bringing us some rain most weeks.

My fynbos ramble went to Cape Point where the everlasting daisies were tight buds. A fortnight later Syncarpha speciosissima flowers were open at Redhill. The landscape dotted with sunshine bushes Leucadendron salignum in spring golden leaves.

Tiniest of the proteas (zoom in to see the ant for scale) is Diastella divaricata. China flower Adenandra villosa gleaming like delicately glazed porcelain. Vibrant blue of Lobelia pinifolia. You know the blushing bride protea, demure in pink and white? This is her feisty fiery sister in glowing golds. Serruria villosaendemic to the Cape Peninsula. Cerise buds open to white flowers on Anaxeton laeve. Salt and pepper is Erica imbricata. Parasite on roots in red velvet is Hyobanche.

In September …

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