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September hikes to Olifantsbos and Kommetjie

by Diana Studer- gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa Hiking among wildflowers in the mountains around Cape Town It was March, just before our hard lockdown, when we last hiked at Cape Point. In September we drove down to Olifantsbos, hiked up the ridge, then along. Down the winding path to the Shipwreck Trail.
Yellow pincushion Leucospermum hypophyllocarpodendron trails along the ground. Othonna dentata toothed leaves, succulent among rocks, loose clusters of yellow daisies. Golden Serruria villosa. Cullumia setosa flower. To the sea mounds of Cullumia squarrosa beach daisy
Yellow and orange Manulea cheiranthus. Stripy Babiana ambigua. Double pointed Struthiola ciliata and single pointed Gnidia pinifolia crowns. Mimetes fimbriifolius dwarfing the boulder. Tiniest rosebuds Petalacte coronata. White Geissorhiza juncea. Muraltia satureioides
White cat's nails tucked in, and extended for Hyobanche sanguineus. Last of Audouinia capitata. Dimorphotheca nudicaulis buds be…

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