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May hikes to Simonsberg, Slangkop and Steenberg Ridge in Silvermine

   by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   Hiking among wildflowers in the mountains around Cape Town   Fynbos Rambles hissing along in May. We begin at Simonsberg above Simon's Town. That hike ended with a loop to Froggy Pond to admire Orbea variegata . Carrion flower elaborately patterned in burgundy and fawn.   Orbea variegata at Froggy Pond in May First we wound slowly up the mountain to see what we could find. Always daisies, and always some yellow ones! Metalasia densa in pink and cream. Rough leaves for renosterbos Myrovernix scaber . Then the yellow ... Athanasia trifurcata (for the leaves). Bracts and flower Senecio burchellii. More bracts on Senecio pinifolius.   Simonsberg daisies in May Rolled leaf margins but no flowers yet - look for the tiny black stipules at the base of the leaves - Trichocephalus stipularis . Tiny wind pollinated flowers Erica hispidula . Pelargonium myrrifolium delicate flowers and

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