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Cape Town to the Limpopo River (Kruger Park - by train and electric car)

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
My father was a railway engineer and the train brought back memories of childhood holidays. Our up journey was two days / nights instead of one. I loved waking to the sunrise over the Karoo. (But we forfeited the first night's accommodation as we slept on the train, arriving in Jo'burg station VERY early)

In September we saw the flamingos returned to Kamfers Dam in Kimberley. Earlier this year fledglings were rescued from a dry dam and raised by SANCCOB in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Sadly the birds are not breeding this year due to severe pollution. Kimberley's water situation is dire.

Those huge yellow bales are wool. Pivot irrigation neon green against the brown grass.

On the journey up we enjoyed lunch, the water feature and fever trees at the Bela Bela mall (town previously called Warmbaths). Cleverly designed as an arcade with tall entrances and a tropical roof - it was a very popular place to am…

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