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Our False Bay garden in October, GSB and digital detox

   by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity   in Cape Town, South Africa   Step onto the patio where our Adirondacks live. Look left and we have pink profusion for Spring Promise. Pink pelargoniums with Dombeya bells against a blue sky (not today- it has gone chilly - a fire this evening)   Pink flowers for Spring Promise Down thru Summer Gold with yellow Euryops and its ferny leaves. Some yellow Bulbine . But I need to encourage the yellow Clivia to flower again . To Froggy Pond.   Yellow Euryops for Summer Gold Talborne organics to feed potted roses, citrus and banana. Finally after the Day Zero drought years the lemon has lush leaves. And one flower. Little pile of Waiting to be Chipped. That hole where I battle back the woody ivy invader. New BIG garden waste bag for the dreaded ivy and too exuberant hedges and trees. In September we had 134 mm, with 60 of those all on one day! Now we have a hole for my Nuxia floribunda (forest elder for caterpillars for the

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