3 Karoo Koppie and verge

June 2022
Moved yellow climbing aloe (from Anne) to Hibiscus tiliaceus 

October 2021
Yellow climbing aloe (from Anne) on the sunny side of the bietou near our entrance

August 2020
Maurocenia frangula (Celastraceae) Saldanha Bay to Cape Peninsula. Rounded shrub or small spreading tree. Honey scented cream flowers April to June, then red berries.

May 2020
Halleria lucida volunteer planted in dead Searsia gap

July 2019
Pot at water meter with Searsia crenata

January 2019
Terracotta egg pot outside bay window. Searsia crenata to block the view a bit.

May 2018
Metal owl to perch in the olive tree

Jan 2018
Metalasia muricata volunteer seedling flowers

May 2017
2x Bietou on the verge to give the Ungardener his privacy screen.

March 2017
Tall feathery red Pelargonium rescued from Ann across the road (added to my row of red pelargonium)

October 2016
Moved inherited coral / scarlet pelargonium to the coral aloe

March 2016
Searsia glauca in pot at front door. Small tree or shrub. 2-3M. Sun. Small dark leaves fragrant
Moved red and apricot pelargoniums to fill Sansevieria gaps   
Stefanie's orange chili in dark glazed pot

February 2016
Aeonium cuttings in shady end of retaining blocks

January 2016
Buddleja saligna x2 false olive. Long narrow grey-green leaves. Honey-scented white flowers Aug-Jan. Nectar for bees. 4m high 3m wide. Attracts moths (and robins)
Searsia crenata x2 Dune crow-berry. Glossy leaves. 3-5m. Leaves scalloped around top. Berries for birds. Attracts butterflies.
Moved from the verge to inside the fence Aloe maculata soap aloe (x3 and smalls) spotted leaves. Found in the garden.

December 2015
Pelargonium fulgidum with tiny deep red flowers, on the shady side below the hoopoe (inspired by Cape Columbine and my mother)

October 2015
On the verge
Chrysanthemoides monilifera volunteers x2
Halleria lucida tree fuchsia x2 (one survivor) orange flowers. Nectar and edible berries for birds. Windbreak. Hedge. Waterwise. Sun or semishade 5M high x 3M
Moved the tangerine Bulbine to the Karoo Koppie side

September 2015
Wide terracotta pot outside the gate - firesticks, grey Cotyledon, orange trailing Crassula 

Poppies and pots at Karoo Koppie

August 2015
Lachenalia bulbifera rubida in Terraforce blocks (pots emptied and 2 left for display)

2015 August Karoo Koppie filling in

July 2015
Erica versicolor (first planted Dec 2014) 1.5x1M Flowers red with green tips autumn to spring
Erica cerinthoides fire heath. Cape Peninsula. 30cm Red flowers Jan-Dec
Cotyledon orbiculata Staghorn, grey
Cotyledon orbiculata long finger leaves, grey
Chasmanthe orange x3 (at pillars in front of Crassula ovata)
Spekboom x3 (at pillars behind spotted aloes on verge)

2015 May newly planted verge

2015 May planting the hedge for Karoo Koppie

May 2015 
Plectranthus neochilus purple spires

Wild olive tree
Tylecodon paniculatus 2M botterboom Summer deciduous succulent. Reddish orange flowers November December. Full sun. Keep dry in summer.
Kumara plicatilis 3-5M fan aloe. Scarlet red flowers August-October. Full sun. Moderate water autumn-spring.
Aloe marlothii 2-4M mountain aloe. Bright orange-red flowers May-September. Full sun. Little water.
Aloe ferox 2M bitter aloe. Bright red or orange flowers May-August. Full sun. Little water.
Aloe striata coral aloe. Stemless. Smooth leaves pink margin. Coral red flowers in winter. Full sun. Adequate water.
Aloe ciliaris scandent-scarlet delicate flame flowers on a climbing aloe

Aloe and Kumara

Euphorbia, Tylecodon and wild olive

Karoo Koppie smalls
gold spekboom
Crassula ovata
Cotyledon orbiculata
Cotyledon orbiculata mielie-leaf with grey leaves x3
Crassula x2 orange leaves
Euphorbia mauritanica x3
succulent pelargonium from Camps Bay
Euphorbia tirucalli fire sticks
Haworthia x5
Succulent Pelargonium  x3 from Mareli

Albuca bracteata pregnant onions
Boophane x2 (one survivor)
Haemanthus ?
Brunsvigia orientalis ?
Montbretia orange flowers ?

Boophone, Haemanthus
Brunsvigia, Ornithogallum

Before we had a sloping lawn with access to the house either thru the garage ... or via the garden gate and the patio door. We enclosed the front garden with a palisade fence and added a double row of Terraforce blocks to tame the slope. Brick paved the lower terrace against the house as a path. Brickpaved the pavement and left a long wide planter.

2015 February before with the builders

2014 July the original entrance to the house