2 Rose Courtyard

March 2016
Osteospermum moniliferum bietou volunteer near Melianthus
At last! Moved the tall red pot to the front door.

November 2015

Iceberg roses

August 2015
Moved Tahiti lime tree to the Rose Courtyard (in pot August 2014 and bought around June 2011)

Tahiti lime in pot

June 2015
Jasminum angulare cutting at trellis

Halleria and Brachylaena

December 2014
Brachylaena discolor to flash silver leaves in the breeze
Diospyros whyteana for dark mirrored leaves
Halleria lucida tree fuchsia to feed the sunbirds
Grewia occidentalis lavender star (as a hedge) wind sand drought and shade tolerant. Edible berries for birds, attracts butterflies. Shrub 6M
Melianthus major for the leaves and the nectar flowers

Diospyros, Brachylaena, Grewia
 in the centre bottom

Moved 2 potted Ficus benjamina to glazed patio.
White Iceberg? roses in pots, including a standard.
Glazed patio on 2 sides against the wind.
Painted gate.

2014 November as we move in

Had a huge Brazilian pepper tree felled, which was eating our boundary/garage wall.

2014 July invasive Brazilian pepper tree monster to go

Seven weeks fern, Plectranthus shrub, large scented Pelargonium, stoep jacaranda, large Asparagus fern, ivy on wall, arum lilies and Agapanthus, Coprosma Marble chips - all inherited and left in peace to grow. Oxalis inherited in pot.

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