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Rocher Pan with beached seals

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
In November 2013 we lived in Porterville and were looking forward to my Ungardener’s Swiss pension(now I'm a twirly too!) We celebrated at Rocher Pan Nature Reserve walking by the sea on a long, long sandy beach. (We've walked there before in summer and winter, and stayed in the new cottages for spring flowers!) But first we collected our Wild Card permit from the office.

The road was covered in fine shell gravel as we walked to the gate which I remember as - locked years ago, the end of the road. We walked on to the lookout picnic site on the crest of the dune.

We were quite alone, except for one other couple who claimed the picnic site as we left.

Our brains may have evolved to sift through the barrage of visual input in our eyes and identify those things that are most important for us to consciously perceive, such as a threat or resources such as food, Mary Peterson suggested.

That beach walk began grimly…

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