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Jonkershoek to Rondebosch Common

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Sundew is unmistakable. Drosera cistiflora raises surprisingly loud and proud flowers in pink and white.

At Blackhill I was delighted to see Aizoon sarmentosum, a succulent which grew wild in our Camps Bay garden. My 'Edelweiss'!

Pauridia capensis peacock flower is from his Jonkershoek hike. Albuca. Moraea ochroleuca. Babiana ambigua. Tiniest grasshopper for Halloween. Aristea spiralis. Apricot Oxalis obtusa. Romulea rosea growing with determination on the gravel track. Senecio arenarius. Button of yellow Cotula turbinata. Chocolate-hearted Ursinia anthemoides. Bokbaai vygie Cleretum bellidiformeon a dune far from the sea. Deep pink Diascia elongata with its twin spurs. Petalacte coronata very tiniest of white 'roses'. Hebenstreita repens delicately marked in yellow and orange. Zaluzianskya divaricata with orange marking on yellow.

Jonkershoek was his longest hike, limping back after dark. On the journ…

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