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False Bay garden and water in July

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Pink chrysanthemums from my sister, combine with Dusty Miller leaves and lavender and Iceberg roses from my garden.

For Through the Garden Gate with Sarah in Dorset. Open the kitchen door to Cornish Stripe. Yellow daisies on a climbing Senecio macroglossus. Dipogon lignosus at the rain tank has reached its first two fingers on the trellis! For the 'blue', lavender, Polygala myrtifolia and Hypoestes. White perennial basil for our bees, Pelargonium and fragrant Freesia.

Down the path and around the corner to Froggy Pond at the bottom of the garden. Sansevieria and Cyperus along the wall to camouflage pipes. Delicate pink Pelargonium.

This is what happens when the Ungardener walks thru the patio door. While it's closed. He was unhurt but shocked, and the NOISE! We have added 'the eagle has landed' stickers to 3 glass doors.

Open the door to Rose Courtyard, where Thomas mentors Zoë as she flies solo …

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