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False Bay garden in August

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Little lady Zoë has found a sunny balcony. Making the most of low winter sun. (Sigh as today is grey and drizzly and COLD 19C inside and 7C low last night)

We look cautiously back at our drought and Day Zero threat. The large bucket that stood here for grey water, is gone - but we have kept the lidded black tank. I still need to stop the Ungardener taking a shortcut NOT DOWN the steps. My mother's tuberous begonia was smothered by striped grass I planted at the same time. Now I can see and enjoy those large asymmetric rich dark leaves (not so enamoured of the coral shell flowers)

Blue and white for Cornish Stripe. Small cream thistles on Brachylaena discolor. Tiny lime flowers on Buddleja glomerata. Iceberg roses bloom steadily. White Freesialeichtliniialba (Max Leichtlin found them in the Botanic Gardens at Padua) and Babiana. Spanish bluebells inherited with the garden. A few straggly flowers on Hypoestes ari…

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