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September wildflowers, water, and books

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Weird to live the way we used to. Flushing the loo with clean drinking water! The horror - at home we collect shower and bath water to use again. We are so used to using each litre thoughtfully - that it was alarming away from Cape Town - also emptying dams there, but no concern about water use?! Our city is still discharging raw sewage via marine outfalls along the Atlantic Seaboard. From our False Bay suburb our sewage goes to Wildevoelvlei sewage works, where a hiking companion does a monthly bird count. Across the country most sewage works sadly have huge issues, failing infrastructure, and heavy pollution of rivers.
Hiking among wildflowers in the mountains around Cape Town
His hike on Karbonkelberg above Hout Bay, looking across to Chapman's Peak and Long Beach at Noordhoek.

August rain was lovely. September was half the long term average. October bounced back. At the end of the hydrological year our dams …

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