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Silvermine flowers and India Venster

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Hiking among wildflowers in the mountains around Cape Town
Back in November his first hike was above the next bay to ours, which is Kalk Bay with the fishing harbour. Looking along the coast to Simon's Town.

We began by walking up the firebreak along Silvermine Village and on the Old Wagon Trail (drenched last time). Luckily in time to see, the flowers before they were weed-whacked. Not the fire hazard bushes, but all the blooming tinies!

Leucadendron xanthoconus, cones in yellow bracts, new leaves silver and wine-red. Creamy Brunia lanuginosa. Gladiolus carneus with spade-shaped deep red marks on lower petals. Small pink Erica mauritanica.
Polygala garcinii with white tassel. Pink locust with double set of legs (we are a pair!) Green-ringed yellow daisy Ursinia paleacea. Mauve pea Otholobium virgatum.
Gold Helichrysum cymosum. Tiny annual Helichrysum indicum. Tiny mat-forming Helichrysum tinctum. Lobelia pinifoli…

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