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Jumping Board to Elephant's Eye

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Far below him you see Camps Bay houses. He stands on the Jumping Board at Kasteelspoort about 780 metres above the sea.

In June we walked at Cape Point. Gifkommetjie loops around a headland (I will return to complete the circuit down to the sea) Gif meaning poison for Euphorbia caput-medusae. Diastella divaricata tiniest protea. Pink pea Amphithalea ericifolia. White Arctotis aspera. Yellow Cullumia setosa with prickly leaves.
Purple vygie Ruschia sarmentosa with a central cone. Portal to another world. Walking to discover fresh flowers each week. Buttery yellow with burgundy spots Zygophyllum spinosum.
Lampranthus bicolor sunny yellow open, terracotta in bud. Golden Serruria villosa. Bokmakierie's tail echoes the colours of that bird, driving past it appears as a bed of reeds, Witsenia maura flowers lost until you look for them.

First to Hessea cinnamomea blooming after the November 2017 fire at Cape Point. We…

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