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Four favourite garden books and our tiny urban forest

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
My 2015 post about garden books still draws readers, but these four are what I use. Mary Maytham Kidd - Wild Flowers of the Table Mountain National Park - new edition 2006 - 2 editions have accompanied mountain hikes and all 3 of my gardens. Indigenous is what I aim for, with the familiar and loved commonorgarden plants in 2 Reader's Digest books. A South African Garden for All Seasons - 1993. And. Care-free Plants - for a Beautiful South African Garden - 2006. But botanists are always at work on taxonomy and especially for our Fynbos Rambles in 2018 I added John Manning - Field Guide to Fynbos (not an affiliate link!)

We chose our Porterville garden for the borrowed mountain scenery and 2 thirty year old ash trees. This False Bay garden was again chosen for green and trees (the house was also promising) the tall carob in the corner, and a long Coprosma repens x2 hedge were here. Tiny urban forest now with ... 4…

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