24 September, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday

We visited our False Bay garden which has the green glooms, but if I collage together the foreign flowers ... Cream and white Coprosma Marble Queen from New Zealand reminds me of my father, compensates for the felled pohutakawa, lightens the gloom. Pink flowers are Indian hawthorn which could be topiaried, and would still be covered in flowers. On the verge our tenant has planted poppies for colour. Flanders red (with bee, a token of gardening for biodiversity) and Californian orange!

Indian hawthorn, Coprosma
False Bay planted poppies 

This is a PSA, to be deleted once the next post is published, and I've closed comments. In October Wildflower Wednesday will remain in Porterville. In November I'll do a first short post for the new garden, as December will find us At Home In False Bay!