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False Bay garden and water in November

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Thanks to winefarmers in the Constantia valley and their indiscriminate use of poison against ants 40% of our honey bees have been killed overnight. Grateful for each creature that manages to survive in our garden.

Way back in October 2010 an enthusiastic landscaper at Org de Rac talked about planting trees, for caterpillars, for birds. My Kiggelaria africana has been found by Acraea butterflies, and we have caterpillars!!

Little forest of tomato seedlings - tiny yellow plums if they come true to seed?

Butter yellow flowers and leaves sparkling in the shade Psychotria capensis. Encouraging the Japanese maple and rewarded with delicate leaves. Potted lime has been fed, thank you. Blue butterfly flowers on Rotheca myricoides.

For Wildflower Wednesday with Gail in Tennessee. When I catch that smell of wax crayons that takes me straight back to the first day at school, there are tiny white flowers on the Asparagus. Soft…

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