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False Bay garden and water in September

by Diana Studer - gardening for biodiversity in Cape Town, South Africa
Pictures are from the 1st and 2nd of October for 'September in our garden'. Through the Garden Gate with Sarah in Dorset. Follow your nose via a honey trail. Soft purple and cream flowers with a hint of orange in Buddleja salviifolia throats.

Our garden's Spring Promise is in the pink. Especially this Oxalis which I inherited with the garden. I never see THIS one on the mountain as it is brasiliensis! Potted lime has baby fruit. Pink pelargonium with toothy citrus-scented leaves and another pink pelargonium. Bells of Dombeya burgessiae. Tillandsia (air plant) blooms in shade.

Furry caterpillars with purple eyebrows are Cape lappet moths. In the birdbaths his Cape robin and my wagtail. Zoë the cat.

Gathering the yellows for Summer Gold. Lemon Bulbine and climbing Senecio macroglossus. Lime striped Albuca. At long last rusty orange Salvia africana-lutea to delight the sunbirds. Lime gold Euphorbia mauritan…

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