False Bay

Why False Bay?
Comes from days of sailing ships heading for Table Bay, safe harbour below Table Mountain. Cape of Storms blew them around Cape Point and they found themselves in False Bay. Or they were coming from India and turned in past Cape Hangklip.

False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
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False Bay blog posts

False Bay Ecology Park for birds between landfill and wastewater treatment in June 2017
Up Elsies's Peak in May 2017

Heritage at Peers Cave in October 2016
Glencairn labyrinth in September 2016 before the January 2017 fire
Looking to Cape Hangklip from Silvermine East in June 2016
Hiking in Silvermine West with a view over Hout Bay im May 2016
Above Simon's Town to a faded Victorian sanatorium in April 2016
Walking with the eland from the Gantouw Project at Rondevlei in March 2016

Hiking the Shipwreck Trail at Cape Point in September 2015
To Betty's Bay on the far shore and Harold Porter NBG in July 2015
To Cape Point from snow on the Groot Winterhoek in July 2015
Crossing False Bay in June 2015

A birthday break in a guest house in Simon's Town by the sea 2013

WWF South Africa My False Bay

The story behind Elephant's Eye Cave

'[Princess] whose tears rolled down to form the vlei'

by Bridget Pitt
'It connects us to our heritage, plugging into that evocative story of the Khoi Princess, who lived in Prinseskasteel (now known as the Elephant Eye cave) and was raped, murdered or abducted by European sailors'

[2013] was the 500th anniversary of the Khoisan princess’s abduction


By Diana Studer
of  Elephant's Eye on False Bay

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  1. Hi Diana, lovely to meet through striped field mice! It sounds like you have that gene with green fingers, what a pleasure that must give - nurturing green things. You've climbed to Elephant's Eye in Silvermine? Isn't that a remarkable sight.... a valley enclosed by vineyards in the heart of a suburban area! Look forward to getting to know your garden, virtual or real.... Liz.

    1. that is one of the very first things we will do, when we move to False Bay.

  2. Aarggh! Just found this. So many things happening to me offline. I hope to at least be able to follow again, if not to catch up.


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