Why Elephants Eye

Looking back at my first blog, when we lived in Porterville. The mountain which overlooks the town is called Olifantskop (elephant head).  If you are there in winter, walking across the farmland just beyond town around midday ... look up to the range of foothills hiding the Groot Winterhoek mountains.

Why Elephant's Eye? where the header was taken on the 18th July 2010.

I lift my eyes to the quiet hills

Psalm 121

I lift my eyes to the quiet hills,
In the press of a busy day;
As green hills stand in a dusty land,
So god is my strength and stay.

Olifantskop in July 2009

I lift my eyes to the quiet hills,
To a calm that is mine to share;
Secure and still in the Father’s will,
And kept by the Father’s care.

Olifantskop in July 2009

I lift my eyes to the quiet hills,
With a prayer as I turn to sleep;
By day, by night, through dark and light,
My Shepherd will guard his sheep.

Olifantskop in July 2010

I lift my eyes to the quiet hills,
And my heart to the Father’s throne;
In all my ways, to the end of days,
The Lord will preserve his own.

(Copyright 1968)

Walking with my sister through the farmlands beyond the town, and again with the Ungardener, I remembered why we chose to come and live in Porterville.


  1. So moving a tribute to land and hills and a way of life you are finding, exploring.
    It's stimulating to learn about the massive range of choices open to all the world, and that so few take this kind of leap.
    Thank you for this enlightenment of your very interesting one.

    1. Life unscrolls in circles. On the mountains above us in False Bay, is a cave - called Elephant's Eye.

  2. I'm loving all your posts Diana, we live in such a beautiful country and you've done an amazing job at sharing that beauty with the rest of the world

  3. My father travelled quite a bit. We lived in Mauritius. He said south Africa was God's own country. Now I can see why. Your posts and photographs are a wonderful way of sharing this.

    1. Thank you.
      Some exotic and interesting plants in Mauritius!


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