Planted here

by Diana Studer  
- gardening for biodiversity

We are on Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos.

The East Patio is waiting for the spekboom hedge to grow ...
in the Rose Courtyard new trees break the expanse of boundary/garage wall
In May 2015 I planted on a blank slate for the Karoo Koppie and the verge
July 2015 planting along the West side at Spring Promise
Then to Summer Gold
Down the East side with the Washing Pergola is Cornish Stripe
The final section is the Woodland Walk and Froggy Pond

The plants that interest me enough to write a portrait, the Dozen for Diana choices, are listed at the Plant Portraits tab.

June 2016
Potted bulbs from Anne
Sparaxis bulbifera x 9
Androcymbium eucomiodes  Men-in-a-boat

August 2015
Repotted Maltese Cross and red Gladiolus from Betty

July 2015
Indoor pot bamboo palm Dypsis lutescens from Madagascar

May 2015 
Kirstenbosch Plant Sale bulbs into pots
Sparaxis grandiflora x5 Well drained, full sun, water well when dry
Gladiolus alatus x5 Well drained, full sun, water well when dry
Gladiolus tristis x5 Fragrant, cut flower, seasonal wetlands. Well drained, full sun, keep moist
Moraea tripetala x3 Well drained, full sun. Flowers Aug-Sept

Plants from Porterville

Many pots of Lachenalia, Freesia, mixed
Margie's dandelion in October 2014 ?
seed of Ruby grass from Gayle 
milkweed seed
nasturtium seed
Albuca seeds
Lachenalia seeds
Freesia seeds
snowflake Leucojum 2 pots


  1. The honeysuckle is blooming lovely at this time of the year! Is strelizia coming up on the list? Birds love it.

  2. I do have Strelitzias, 3 species.


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