Blogaversary for Elephant's Eye

by Diana Studer

- gardening for biodiversity

in Cape Town, South Africa


Eleven years of blogging. The blogging tools I use.

 All ten photos were taken in June back thru the years.


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Gladiolus merianellus
Gladiolus merianellus 2019

Gladiolus merianellus. Easier to remember when it was bonaspei = (Cape of) Good Hope. Hiking at Maiden Peak in Silvermine 2019


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Metalasia densa
Metalasia densa 2018

Metalasia densa hiking around Signal Hill 2018


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Sunset 2017
Sunset 2017

Sunset at home 2017


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lemon tree 2016
Lemon tree 2016

Lemon tree in 2016, before the drought years kicked in.


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Flying Dutchman 2015
Flying Dutchman screening the road 2015

Newly planted front garden 2015


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Porterville garden 2104
The original Elephant's Eye 2014

The original Elephant's Eye, our garden in Porterville 2014


Two garden blogger memes link to readers of my monthly garden update. Mostly from up North in the opposite season - cold here - I need to see your sun.

Through the Garden Gate

Wildflower Wednesday


from Groot Winterhoek 2013
from Groot Winterhoek 2013

Table Mountain from Groot Winterhoek 2013


iNaturalist resolves my What is it questions one day ...


Milkweed 2012
Milkweed 2012

Gomphocarpus cancellatus on Dasklip Pass 2012. Milkweed is still on my hopeful wish list. 'Cultivated in Europe since 1714' but I haven't found it in a nursery here yet.


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Ungardening Pond 2011
Ungardening Pond 2011

Birds bathing in Ungardening Pond at Porterville 2011


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Spiderweb 2010
2010 spiderweb

Spider web 2010, as a token for those I read, and who read mine in turn.


Keep calm and blog on.


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Pictures by Diana and Jürg Studer

of Elephant's Eye on False Bay


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  1. Eleven years! That's an impressive accomplishment, Diana. (I just reached 7.5 years.) I'm glad to have found your blog along the way and to have you in my own web. I always enjoy seeing the range of plants and flowers in your part of the world and I hold out hope of seeing some of them migrate across the miles to reach Southern California someday.

    P.S I enjoyed this peek at your former Elephant's Eye garden too.

    1. That garden was a challenge, and a delight. This one is a quieter, simpler pleasure.

  2. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for all beautiful pictures of plants and flowers and interesting stories over the years.

  3. Your post is a lovely celebration of 11 years. I've enjoyed seeing all the amazing plants of SA through your photos. Happy Blogaversary!

  4. Congratulations, Diana. Your blog and your gardens are great achievements. This post is a wonderful tribute. (BTW - we have now been followers of each other's blogs for eleven years!) Happy blogaversary! P. x

    1. The threads of our web are strong and enduring!

  5. Dear Diana,
    wow, so many years blogging is worth standig ovations. It's a long time and a lot of work. Thank you for all your inspiring and interesting posts. Have learned tremendous new things about plants in a country I've never been. Thank you also for your lovely blog friendship and all your lovely words you never forget to write.
    All my best and happy blogging

  6. 11 years is a long time, my blog has its tenth anniversary this year.
    I am glad that you figured out the Heidi-Rätsel, I have never read it in German, I'm afraid.

  7. What happens to my comments? Do they end up in your spam?

    1. So sorry. They show up for moderation as Unknown - and I did delete.
      I had to first publish this one so I can see 'Denise' with the link to your blog.
      Please would you write Denise at the end of your comment in future, then I know it is you!

    2. How strange. Is this something new? I will try to remember to add my name. Denise.