6 Cornish Stripe

Wish list
Purple Dimorphotheca jucunda
Van Staden's daisy, tall-stemmed white flowers

August 2022

Cut back the tallest trunk of Strelitzia nicolai

September 2021

Agathosma ciliaris Rutaceae. Buchu. Water well to establish. Compact 50cm (planted under washing pergola) White or mauve flowers winter to spring / May-Dec. Insect pollinators. Leaves smell of anise. Planted at the centre of Washing Pergola 

Osteospermum fruticosum under the lemon tree. Purple buds white flowers 

Felicia filifolia in front of Karoo Buddleja purple flowers in spring

Coleonema album buchu in large blue pot against the house

June 2021
From Anne McL -
Blue salvia (near the banana)
Polygala myrtifolia Septemberbossie for carpenter bees (between banana and Buddleja 

November 2020
Fresh cuttings from tired tall Thai basil

October 2020
4 new blue pots. Replanted tuberous begonia in 2, and more grey Cotyledon orbiculata in 2
Planted Mother's bluebells with the others, at the corner of the compost bin
Moved blue volunteer bulb (alien?) to near compost bin, with potted companions

September 2020
Plectranthus parviflorus Variegated white leaves. Bright blue flowers. Blue Spires is from Australia. Blooms from spring to autumn, water in summer, semi-shade or sun. 
Japanese maple moved from blue pot to near carob tree

August 2020
Senecio tamoides (variegated) at second rain tank. From Eastern Cape needs summer watering. Yellow flowers when it reaches the sun, from February to April. 

July 2020
Pentameris curvifolia to lemon tree
Felicia x2 and a volunteer lavender to lemon tree 
Removed Limonium perezii and Helichrysum from the lemon tree

May 2020
Planted compost volunteer tomato with elderly Cape gooseberry 

April 2020
Replanted bluebells and Ledebouria petiolata along 2 sides of compost bin (towards lemon tree)
Moved little spekboom hedge in front of grey water tank.
Moved the wooden compost bin and grey water tank.
Moved purple sage to between basil bushes

November 2019
Merwilla plumbea (was Scilla) moved to stone glazed pot (and swopped sides with Agapanthus pot) from Kirstenbosch Plant Sale in 2009.
Removed tuberous begonia for East Patio tall blue pot.

October 2019
Feverfew (from Constantia gardens) with the bluebells
Scabiosa maroon (also Constantia) near edible banana

May 2019
Berkheya purpurea Large mauve daisies Dec-Apr 70cm (near Cape gooseberry
Scabiosa incisa Large mauve (or white) flowers spring to summer. 50 cm Groundcover. Coastal sand.  Full sun. Attracts butterflies (near Buddleja glomerata 
Four cuttings of leggy Scabiosa near the blue Salvia africana-caerula  ??

October 2018
Repotted Agapanthus near edible banana
Planted yellow tomatoes from Bev

June 2018
Veldkool ? Trachyandra ? 2 clumps from Anne

May 2018
Helichrysum cymosum x4 grey leaves. Groundcover under lemon tree. Yellow flowers
Salvia africana-caerula slow growing
Felicia ?? for the two blue pots
Buddleja glomerata lime grey leaves to replace Prunus nigra

April 2018
Lemon verbena moved to sun near lemon tree.
Hypoestes 2 seedlings near lemon verbena

March 2018
Relaid the path under the lemon tree

September 2017
Lobostemon montanus between Strelitzia and lemon (from Spring Promise)
Bluebells planted around corner across from the lemon tree
Ledebouria petiolata (was Drimiopsis) bulbs with spotted leaf - planted along shady side of path 
Cyperus albostriatus planted at the lemon tree end of raised planter
English violets in butterfly pot

May 2017
Salvia elegans Pineapple sage. Red flowers for sunbirds. 90 cm. Tolerates harsh conditions. Sun or semishade. Mexico and Guatemala pine-oak forests. Leaves AND flowers are edible.
Moved 3 purple Hypoestes from centre volunteers to boundary border.

March 2017
More variegated mint in the second blue ring pot
Adenandra sp. from blue ring pot (Adenandra uniflora China flower) Sept 2015 to Prunus nigra
Thai basil perennial in the centre of the herb strip

October 2016
Removed the inherited coral / scarlet pelargonium
Lobostemon montanus x4 cuttings along Patsy's wall
Cape gooseberry (near Prunus nigra) 1M high by 1.6 wide Cut back in winter after fruiting
Italian flat leaf parsley (near sage)
Coriander (at lemon's blue pot) Annual. Use leaves and seeds. 50cm high 30 cm wide. 

September 2016
Blue pot - variegated mint Mentha suaveolens to replace dead Felicia

April 2016
Either side of blue pot near banana
- creeping lemon thyme. Pink flowers.
- creeping marjoram
Moved Mentha suaveolens to Tulbaghia space in the centre of herb strip. Variegated cream. Pineappple scented.
Moved 5x plain Tulbaghia to below Clerodendron with some Plectranthus madagascariensis
Moved 30x variegated Tulbaghia to near the banana

March 2016
Removed the last Australian brush cherry near banana and there I planted
Hypoestes 2x seedlings
Plumbago 4x from Karoo Koppie hedge
- Barleria obtusa April violets 1M high Flowers in summer and autumn
Dwarf Agapanthus tiny plant in pot
Agapanthus inapertus Graskop x2 in pots near lemon. Deciduous. Dark blue pendulous flowers Jan-Feb
Plectranthus madagascariensis along path towards bedroom

January 2016?
Granadilla on trellis. Purple fruit in third year. 3M high and wide

December 2015
Thai basil Ocicum sp. full sun or semi-shade
Limonium perezii blue and white flowers from Canary Islands, planted at lemon tree
Moved heartsease as a border
Garden bluebells in 3 clumps between tap and Japanese maple ?
Plectranthus neochilus around lemon tree and in front of purple broom
Seedling of Septemberbossie
Lavender seedlings near lemon tree 

November 2015
Felicia amelloides Variegata x2 added to lemon tree
Aloysia triphylla Lemon verbena. Semi-deciduous 2M. Lilac or white summer flowers. Cut back in autumn. Full sun.
Forget-me-not near Abelia

October 2015
Against the house
Japanese maple Acer palmatum Black Magic (repot in August 2014) in new blue pot
Mackaya bella x2 forest bell bush 5M mauve and white flowers
Shade-loving mint-scented Pelargonium tomentosum x2 
Tuberous Begonia x2 
Plectranthus shrub x2 from FHK garden 
Stoep jacaranda from FHK garden
Green and white grass Cyperus albostriatus

September 2015
English violets (from the garden) ?? 
Felicia amelloides Variegata x4 around the lemon tree

Against the house
Spekboom hedgelet to screen compost bin.
Festuca ovina glauca x3
Abelia grandiflora small shell pink trumpets

Herb centre strip
Oregano variegated x2 ??
Thymus citriodorus Doone Valley. Lemon-scented. Gold flecked leaves. Groundcover. Pale lilac flowers.
Garlic chives x7
Pineapple sage. Red flowers
Felicia amelloides Variegata 1 large kingfisher blue daisy in blue ring pot (August 2015

Along the boundary wall
Polygala virgata purple broom (near the lemon tree). 1-2M Flowers July-Dec. Water. Prune. Cut flowers.
dark? lavender 
dentelle? lace leaf lavender 
Scabiosa with fine leaves x3 (one survivor) (near lemon)
blue sage (near Strelitzia)
Artemisia afra (near lemon) feathery licorice-scented grey-green leaves. Streamside plant. 
Asparagus macowanii fine leaves from Camps Bay strawberry pot
Nuxia floribunda forest elder for caterpillars for the Cape Robin (near Strelitzia)
Diospyros whyteana dark glossy leaves (next to Bougainvillea)
Searsia crenata dune crowberry 3-5M (behind the lemon tree July, small one moved nearer olive)
Indigofera jucunda River indigo. for purple flowers (between olive and Searsia)
White Pelargonium x10 and x10 between the Agapanthus clumps
Plectranthus madagascariensis x5 as front border
Anchusa capensis Cape forget-me-not 30-50cm Full sun. Bright blue flowers spring and summer. Edible says GH Nursery?
Borago officinalis x2 borage. Blue flowers. Leaves and flowers edible. Sun or semi-shade 
Citrusy herb Lad's Love  x4 
Bronze fennel 
Rosemary found in the garden (moved to centre strip)
Agapanthus from FHK 
Peach/nectarine/apricot? from seed. From Porterville a few years old. 
Prunus nigra deciduous and dark leaves ??
Roland's edible tiny banana 
Neil's Strelitzia nicolai near the lemon tree

2015 September Against the wall with Prunus nigra

2015 August Septemberbossie

2015 June the Ungardener laid new pavers
and built the Washing Pergola

December 2014
Liriope - Cobalt blue slanted pot

2015 January from the East Patio to the lemon tree

November 2014
Waiting for us 
Mexican sage Salvia leucantha (NOT Buddleja commonorgarden purple) 
Lemon tree
Wild olive
Hypoestes purple and white

Lemon tree in July 2015