5 Summer Gold

Wish list
Heterolepis aliena shrublet showy yellow daisies

Serruria villosa waiting golden spiderhead. Scented. Apr-July. Rare

February 2024
Burchellia bubalina behind the yellow Hibiscus to cover the wall, in the shade of the carob.
Fresh Bulbine along Woodland Walk

January 2022
Planted out two Eucomis bulbs next to Mandela's Gold.

September 2021
Leucospermum conocarpodendron viridum - yellow pincushion  Aug -Dec. Local subspecies (Southeast of Devil's Peak) deep green glabrous = smooth leaves. Near threatened. Large shrub. Pollinated by Cape sugarbirds. Between fiidlewood and Buddleja

Hymenolepis crithmifolia tucked in the corner nearest to Froggy Pond  

Ursinea paleacea 90cm yellow daisies from spring to summer Aug-Dec. Damp sand full sun. Insect pollinators. Near Mandela's Gold Stretlitzia

October 2020
Albuca 12 pots planted in.

September 2020
Japanese maple planted near pillar with Margie's statue

July 2020
Leucadendron sunshine bush near Strelitzia

October 2019
Cuttings of yellow Gazania around corner at water tank

July 2019
2 Salvia aurea cutting flourishing. 

June 2019
Cut back Salvia aurea to the ground. Took 7 cuttings

May 2019
Planted out yellow Clivia along path at carob tree
In the Clivia pot - Knowltonia vesicatoria Perennial. Shade. Aug-Oct
                           - Commelina africana Spreading groundcover 50cm high. Damp sandy. Semi-shade to full sun. Oct-Mar 
Next to Salvia aurea is Artemisia afra Aromatic medicinal herb. 2M

April 2019
Planted bit of yellow Clivia next to the pot at the birdhouse

February 2019
Moved Euryops (from May 2018) to corner in front of Froggy Pond. Tall shrub.
Fresh Bulbine cuttings around pond.

December 2018
Asparagus densiflorus Meyersii x  3 Cat's tail fern. Semi-shade. 60 x 60 cm.  From the Eastern Cape water regularly.

May 2018
Eragrostis curvula x 3 weeping love grass. Curly leaves. Under our bedroom window
(Euryops ?? tall shrub)

April 2018
Celeste's yellow iris moved to below bedroom window for more sun.
Gazania rigens cuttings as a low border near path

March 2018
Leonotis leonurus volunteer near the Leucadendron

May 2017
Linum africanum beneath the bird feeder. Sand or limestone near the coast. Shiny yellow flowers from Oct to Apr. (Looks like a shrubby oxalis) ??

April 2016
Calpurnia aurea next to fiddlewood. Small tree 4M. Yellow flowers Dec to Feb

September 2015
Moved 2 ivory / cream Californian poppies. And 2 more (what colour ...) ??

2015 August Summer Gold flowers 

August 2015
Gazania rigens x6 bright yellow flowers, trailing groundcover
Gazania yellow x border
Yellow Clivia (in pot
Hypoxis (in pot September 2013
Celeste's yellow iris  x6 (flower in September? Plants from 2012
Dietes grandiflora  x2 needs water in summer, or blooms after summer rain
Phylica pubescens feathery yellow flowers (Good Hope Nursery
Strelitzia Mandela's Gold
Leucadendron salignum x laureolum hybrid African Gold, colour in winter, cut flowers. 1Mx1M. Water well for 2 years. Mulch. Pick all flowers to maintain shape!
Protea scolymocephala thistle sugarbush, dense rounded shrub, small lime green flowers July-Nov, cut flower, sun 1Mx1M
Euryops virgineus tiny yellow flowers winter-spring 0.5M-3M (prune hard after flowering, take cuttings
Euryops pectinatus yellow daisy
Chasmanthe YELLOW x12
Hibiscus tiliaceus x2
Tecoma capensis yellow
Salvia aurea africana-lutea, bruinsalie, x3 burnt orange sage June-Dec 2M
Tecoma capensis x2 sunset
Bietou Osteospermum monilifera x4 (moved to verge)
Ifafa lilies Cyrtanthus mackenii  ?? under our bedroom window, with
Yellow Bulbine from Porterville, and found in garden

Summer Gold is the bottom half

June 2015
Psychotria capensis 3m shrub attracts birds. Shade or semi-shade. In the far yellow corner.

Gifted by the garden a yellow in summer, orange in winter, Hibiscus. The fiddlewood Citharexylum spinosum whose leaves turn orange ahead of summer, fragrant white flowers (verbena family)