4 Spring Promise

Wish list
Orphium frutescens shiny pink flowers. Lots of water

August 2022
Row of Dusty Miller seedlings along patio step

September 2021

Pelargonium betulinum camphor scented (interesting shaped oval to elliptic) leaves 1m x 1m Pink or white flowers Aug-Jan. Coastal dunes. Between the buchu and Bauhinia outside the guestroom.


Helichrysum pandurifolium straggling. Oval grey leaves, mouse ears wrapped around stem at their base. Clusters of creamy flowers (tiny daisies) Oct-Feb. To keep the Dusty Miller hedge company.

August 2021
Eriocephalus africanus. Edible wild rosemary in front of camphorbush. Grey to my grey leaves.

October 2020
Planted out 2 pots of Leucojum in front of Asparagus
Pelargonium graveolens cuttings near rain gauge

April 2020
Had removed half of Celeste's white iris. 
Pink Pelargonium cuttings planted in front of the remaining iris

October 2019
Dipogon lignosus (from Constantia gardens) next to Hoya

August 2019
4 cuttings of pink Knysna hibiscus
4 cuttings nutmeg pelargonium
3 cuttings citrus pelargonium ?

May 2019
Behind Veltheimia is Pelargonium tomentosum Peppermint scented. Small white flowers. Vigorous groundcover 40cm. Sun or semi-shade
                               and Pelargonium cordifolium Spreading shrublet 75cm Large pink flowers Jun-Jan. Sun to light shade 
Under guest room window Agathosma collina Hardy shrublet 50cm -1M White flowers Oct-Apr
Near Dais is Gazania Hybrid White
                 and Syncarpha Pink Bud Shrublet 50cm White flowers Aug-Nov. Full sun    
Near white Iris from Celeste is Helichrysum petiolare 'Petite' Silvery flowers (yellow centre) Sun to semi-shade

April 2019
Pink pelargonium (delicate floating flowers) from Anne, near nutmeg geranium
Seedling of red-veined Pelargonium near Buddleja

March 2019
Row of Dusty Miller seedlings along patio step

February 2019
Moved 21 Veltheimia bulbs between Crinum moorei and Hoya.

December 2018
Planted mother's Hoya to climb up in the Coprosma. One flower.

October 2018
Dusty Miller twice x3 cuttings near Buddleja 
- and Dombeya

July 2018
Helichrysum dasyanthum rescued from our Brakkloofrand hike, planted near rain tank. Silver leaves, yellow flowers
June 2018
Dusty Miller x3 cuttings next to patio
- and near steps
Leftover brick border out
Pink pelargonium with dark leaves between Crinum moorei and Coprosma

May 2018
Eriocephalus racemosus wild rosemary. White flowers July-Aug. Sun
Psoralea repens x 3 groundcover between paving slabs

March 2018
Moved silver felted volunteers from the paved courtyard. Lots of plants. Lots of flowers gone to seed.

October 2017
Moved the air plant Tillandsia to the other Coprosma

September 2017
Reroute the stepping stones
Move half the white iris from Celeste
Arum lilies between Veltheimia and white iris
Dusty Miller x3 cuttings to corner under Dombeya

July 2017
Added second water tank.
Removed most of the pelargoniums.

May 2017
Dusty Miller x3 cuttings in corner near Buddleja
Volunteer Chironia baccifera tortoise berry below window
Dusty Miller x3 cuttings in corner below window

March 2017
Dusty Miller x4 cuttings at Lobostemon / Asparagus fern corner

October 2016
Lobostemon montanus cut back and a cutting near Bauhinia

March 2016
Cuttings of Margie's Knysna hibiscus near the potted Hoya ??
Citrus scented pelargonium x2 next to new Dusty Millers. And one behind the Pride of India.
Cut back collapsed pink pelargoniums.
Pulled out the 2 Dusty Millers against the house, replaced each with 3 cuttings.
Cuttings of salmon pelargonium near Dombeya.
Pink Oxalis in new octagonal terracotta pot (last inherited pot emptied!)

December 2015
Armeria maritima x2 Pink flowers in spring and summer. Plumbaginaceae. Sea thrift from W Europe 25cm by 30cm

September 2015
Crepe myrtle, Pride of India, cutting with cinnamon bark, from Anna in Porterville

August 2015
Moved mother's Hoya to shade under Coprosma
Lamb's ears large velvety grey leaves Stachys lanata shade, between Crinum moorei
Lobostemon montanus for the changeant pink (and blue) flowers
Crinum moorei from Kwazulu-Natal and our Camps Bay garden x8
Salvia greggii x2 to Anna's March lilies

Spring Promise flowers August 2015

July 2015
Anna's March lilies Amaryllis belladonna x11 ??
Pink with large leaves Pelargonium
Chironia baccifera for pink flowers and red berries - gifted by the garden!
Veltheimia rippled leaves and dusky pink flowers
Santolina x3
Watsonia x11 clumps from Anna. Pink with swan neck ??
Agathosma apiculata garlic buchu, Knoffel buchu for the fragrance
Citrus Pelargonium SHADE
Pelargonium x fragrans hybrid nutmeg from Mareli in July 2014
Oak-leaf pink flower Pelargonium
Salmon Pelargonium
Pelargonium cordifolium Valentine 75cm Large silver-spangled pink flowers Aug-Jan. Red heart-shaped leaves. Edible plant. (Southern and Eastern Cape in moist fynbos)
Margie's Knysna wild pink hibiscus x3
Syncarpha vestita grey leaves, white flowers, everlasting daisies ??
Erica glandulosa 1.5M Pink to orange? Jan-Dec
Erica verticillata (from Belvedere Palace Austria). Light pink 1.7M For sunbirds
Leucospermum cordifolium 1.5x2M Orange flowers Sep-Oct
Leucospermum tottum Ribbon pincushion 1.3M Pink-apricot flowers Sep-Jan
Protea cynaroides King protea 50cm-1.5M Pink, crimson or cream? year round. Regular watering
Podalyria 1.5M white flowers. Silvery leaves
Bauhinia bowkeri butterfly leaves. White flowers Oct-Dec. Scrambling shrub 2M
Dombeya burgessiae Pink flowers
Dais cotonifolia Pompom tree. 3M Pink flowers Nov-Feb (for Christmas) Prune hard Aug-Sept
Celeste's white iris (no flowers yet. September? Plants from 2012
With Dymondia margaretae Silver Carpet groundcover
Dusty Miller Centaurea cineraria from the Mediterranean x 4

Spring Promise with Freesia

Spring Promise shrubs and bulbs

December 2014
Tarchonanthus camphoratus camphorbush for grey leaves, fragrance, and female plants have fluffy seeds for nestbuilding.
Buddleja salviifolia honey scented flowers. Mauve flowers

in January 2015

Waiting in place were arum lilies and a Fuchsia. Large Coprosma against the boundary wall with the endless ivy.