1 East Patio

August 2020
Moved tuberous begonia to square shady pot.
Moved Streptocarpus to newest blue pot.
Cutting of mielie leaf Cotyledon orbiculata to small stoneware pot.
Rescued 4 mystery seedlings? 

April 2020
Moved purple sage between basil bushes
Replanted 3 (2 survivors) big pots with reindeer grey leaved Cotyledon orbiculata cuttings

November 2019
Tuberous begonia in new blue pot

April 2018
Asparagus fern volunteer to replace dead granadilla outside kitchen window
Bulbine yellow flowers to replace dead Polygala

May 2017
Curio rawleyanus (or is it radicans with banana shaped leaves?) String of pearls. Rosary beads.  Creeping perennial succulent. Curio radicans (was Senecio)

March 2017
Salvia officinalis purpurescens in tall blue pot

January 2017
New legs on the trellis after the wind smashed it last November. Lost one clump of Asparagus fern.

March 2016
Granadilla vine at trellis near garage

November 2015
Maidenhair fern at kitchen door

September 2015
Ceropegia woodii string-of-hearts in the inherited wall fountain, newly hung on the East patio

Ceropegia in the wall planter 

August 2015 
A garden that is finished, is dead - but the East Patio is planted. A quiet, green, transitional space from the house to the blue and white around the washing pergola. Three walls of spekboom hedge is the closest my garden gets to minimalism. The focal point, to replace the lime tree thru the glazed kitchen door, is a tall blue pot planted with Plectranthus madagascariensis, Liriope, Felicia bergeriana Variegata

Tall cobalt blue pot with white and green leaves

The Ungardener painted the garstigly green wall in mocha to match the house. Streptocarpus (hybrid purple) now I can use the table to display a 'flowering' pot in season.

With Streptocarpus and Septemberbossie

Moved 2 Septemberbossie Polygala myrtifolia (only one survivor) which originally stood outside the garden gate. They have been hacked back while the house was rented, and need nurturing back to green, and flowers.

Plectranthus madagascariensis (for the white and green leaves) to spekboom planter.
Senecio macroglossus climber, sun, ivy leaves and yellow daisies to spekboom planter.
Plectranthus oertendahlii (under Rotheca at kitchen door) white flowers autumn, silver and green leaves

June 2015
Rotheca myricoides (Clerodendrum ugandense) Oxford and Cambridge (blooming in February) 3m shrub. Outside kitchen door.

December 2014
Second 2 window boxes under garage window - spekboom hedgelet from bits off the bits. First 2 window boxes under kitchen window - spekboom hedgelet. Rooted spekboom cuttings in patio planter with 2 clumps (one left in 2017) of asparagus fern from this garden (Asparagus densiflorus Cwebe perhaps?) Trellis to block the view from house to house.

Spekboom hedgelet in January 2015

June 2014
Next door's Brazilian pepper tree trying to climb in the kitchen window before we moved in.

Brazilian pepper tree was eventually felled the week before we moved in