30 March, 2016

Send in the eland

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

The Gantouw Project
About pruning and browsing

They say the best way to achieve a perfect lawn is to have a resident sheep. (An actually sheep, not the bead wire our neighbour has) Sheep mow in a Paris park.

Prince Charles at Highgrove when the petticoats on the trees are trailing says - send in the cows - so I would prune our Porterville ash trees to shoulder height.

From a Californian blogger - you are the fire, you are the deer. Prune hard!

Eland browsing

23 March, 2016

Our False Bay garden in March

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

The frog is spouting water! Froggy Pond is established. Two clumps of dwarf Papyrus and hopefully eel grass Vallisneria aetheopica - which came with us from Ungardening Pond in Porterville. At last we can say goodbye to the green plastic baby bath Pond in Waiting.

His Froggy Pond

09 March, 2016

Silvery grey tree

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

Brachylaena discolor

I love grey foliage. My Dusty Millers are already getting gangly. In winter I'll take cuttings and make silver fountains again, instead of the elbows and shoulders. This smaller garden needs the paths kept open. Lamb’s ears are so much happier in misty moisty air and a little afternoon shade. Santolina was tiny cuttings, now overflowing the path and ready to roam. All three are commonorgarden foreigners.

Brachylaena leaves
shiny above, felted below

02 March, 2016

Rocher Pan, birds by the sea

- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

From Porterville when we yearned for sea air, our nearest beach was Eland’s Bay, a small town, good for surfing. We prefer walking at RocherPan. Cape Nature Conservation reserve is a wetland which sweeps down to the sea, beyond the dunes. 930 hectares, the reserve, established in 1966, is a seasonal vlei, dry between March and June. The Atlantic Ocean stretch of marine reserve was declared in 1988. The hours we spent there in March 2011, we had the whole place to ourselves. Just had to share with three ostriches, who disappeared in affronted horror, at Intruders, on Our Patch!! Who, why Rocher? Perde-kaf-en-koffers-a-story-from-the-West-Coast.

Illusion of 'Mountain with stormy clouds?' Right the bigger picture
Rocher Pan