26 April, 2013

By bell, books and candles

by Diana Studer
- gardening for biodiversity
in Cape Town, South Africa

On Sunday we were in Cape Town for a gathering of the Watkins clan on what would have been my mother’s one hundredth birthday. We left Porterville very early in the morning heading for the morning service at St George’s Cathedral. There is a sculpture of the African Madonna by Leon Underwood. Created in 1938. He was one of Henry Moore’s teachers. I lit four candles – for our parents, us 4 sisters, my 4 nieces, the 4 living generations – of which I am now the oldest.

The Cathedral is using George’s dragon as a symbol for their CHATT campaign against HIV/AIDS – a second reason for my candles to burn thru the morning service.

As we walked from the car, the bells began to ring. The bell tower is now a squat promise. The stone cathedral is unfinished; meanwhile they are involved in serious repairs to the roof.

Mother's books, some bought for her in London